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A boutique media and consulting firm based out of southern New Jersey, our web properties serve the public with up-to-date news & authoritative information on New Jersey government.

We also provide creative, client-centered solutions including technology and media consulting, copy editing, website design.

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Opening up New Jersey government, one request at a time

OPRAmachine has radically simplified the process of requesting public records in all 565 municipalities in New Jersey. The web service has broken down barriers for individuals and organizations seeking to obtain authoritative information about New Jersey state & local government. OPRAmachine has also provided visibilities to some of the challenges and legal issues that may arise when making requests under the OPRA law, such as when agencies delay.

Ocean County Politics

Inside Ocean County government

Ocean County Politics is a blog that has covered municipal, county and state political developments that affected Ocean County, New Jersey. Many of the stories published focused on the intersection of money and politics in the county.


New Jersey's whistleblowing portal

With the cooperation of other participating media outlets, JerseyLeaks was launched in 2017 as a means for whistleblowers to come forward with information about public corruption, without the fear of retaliation.

OC Radio Live

Online trunking police, fire & EMS scanner

OC Radio Live is the new way to listen to emergency services in Ocean County. Powered by software defined radio (SDR) technology, it enables listeners to monitor multiple talkgroups simultaneously.